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Hi, I’m Anna King 李明恩
Nice to meet you!

I’m a stay at home mother to 2 toddlers. We ride our bikes daily around Victoria’s vast bike network. We enjoy the parks nearby and connecting with our neighbours. I have friends that leave Victoria because the cost of living is so high and housing options are limited. We can do better! I’m running for Victoria City Council to build a city that my children can thrive in.

I served in the nonprofit and our community sector for the past 15 years. I’ve been on the front lines serving those in need as well as diligently working behind the scenes fundraising for organizations across Canada.

I bring a positive perspective, humble attentiveness, and conviction to be the voice of the next generation at City Hall.

My unique intersection as a female, immigrant, parent who has a hidden disability will be an exceptional addition to the voices that make Victoria a vibrant place to call home. A home for everyone no matter race, age, ability, sexual expression, gender identity or socio-economic resources.

My values


To me, generosity means a posture of giving and receiving well, whether it’s time, attention, or resources. It’s not expecting that others are their best selves 100% of the time, but challenging each other to be better.


As someone who often feels like an outsider, I want to ensure no one is left out no matter race, age, stage, gender, orientation, or ability. I want to hear your voice because you belong here in our beloved city of Victoria. I want to make others feel comfortable, seen, heard, and loved.


Even though warm fuzzies and soft sentiments are important, I aim to actually get things done. If we don’t grow, we’re just slowly dying. Not only do I work hard, I work smart. Collaborating with others, listening, and finishing things are values I hold firmly to.


Always taking the posture of learning is key to a curious and humble heart. I’ll be the first to say that I don’t know it all. I want to create a culture where there is no defensiveness or fear when questions are asked with grace. Curiosity means I may change my mind from time to time because I am open minded and open to new information. That’s how we grow and evolve.


I commit to always being me because it’s too tiring trying to be anyone else. This means I may not agree with absolutely everyone. This means I’m not hiding who I really am and what I really think even if it means I’m vulnerable and exposed to judgement. I aim to always speak the truth in love.