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We don’t listen well when we are angry. I aim to maintain a humble posture of curiosity in order to truly hear each of you because you matter.

The first step is to listen and the second is to learn. I’m listening to the needs of Victoria’s citizen’s at their door steps.

Climate Action

I propose:

  • Daylighting creeks and streams during the development process where possible
  • Investing in Large and Small Urban Village vibrancy
  • Building housing above commercial Urban Village centres
  • Continuing to promote cycling in Victoria’s existing network
  • Ensuring safe and secure bike storage options, especially for ebikes, cargo and family bikes
  • Increasing public transit frequency
  • Planting trees throughout the city and preserving tree canopy where possible
  • Investigating the feasibility of rapid transit from Downtown to Uptown in partnership with the municipality of Saanich
  • Expanding current curb side recycling program to include soft plastic, flexible plastic and foam or creating a program partnering with local businesses to increase recycling

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I propose:

  • Increasing development of 2-3+ bedroom suites suitable for families
  • Turning single detached homes into duplexes and multi-unit suites for more units overall while maintaining the look and feel of neighbourhoods
  • Considering low-rise and small townhouse complexes surrounding transit routes
  • Increasing creative solutions such as building garden suites, carriageway homes, and legalizing tiny homes
  • Dis-incentivizing empty homes through fees and taxation
  • Dis-incentivizing non-local investment home purchases following review of a speculation report

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Homelessness & Affordable Housing

I propose:

  • Increasing low-income housing developments on city-owned properties
  • Providing free bus passes for low-income residents beyond low-income seniors and those on disabilities (similar system to current low-income recreational passes)
  • Building intentional purpose-built rentals
  • Integrating recovery homes throughout the City of Victoria
  • Supporting partnerships with charities and corporations that are increasing services and homes for those under the poverty line

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I propose:

  • Reducing stigma by actively hiring and electing people with disabilities
  • Incentivizing development of accessible suites
  • Increasing time allotment for crossing intersections for larger intersections like Caledonia and Blanshard
  • Use of sign language during key citizen messages and emergency protocol from law enforcement, and government
  • Safer and wider sidewalks for all
  • Enforcing hedge trimming especially next to telephone poles

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I propose:

  • Including childcare spaces in existing city-owned properties
  • Expediting business permits for childcare
  • Creating pick up and drop off points for library resources in Fernwood, Hillside/Quadra, and Oaklands, to start
  • Building a library in Fernwood, Hillside/Quadra or Oaklands

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