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Transportation & Walkability

I live and work in downtown Victoria, so I walk everywhere I go. One of my priorities as a prospective City Councillor would be to reduce emissions in the beautiful city we call home. Three areas that would be easy and relatively straightforward to implement would be making cycling safer and easier outside the downtown core; implementing more sidewalks and crosswalks and ensuring that these areas are well-lit; and making public transit more reliable and accessible in all of Victoria and between neighbouring municipalities.

Victorians for Transportation Choice beat me to the punch when it came to publishing my own thoughts on Transportation.

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I propose:

  • Adding reflective paint and raised bumps to clearly mark bike lanes in areas outside the downtown core
  • Ensuring sidewalks are wide and well-lit
  • Increasing painted crosswalks at key intersections
  • Exploring the feasibility of a lightrail from Victoria to the west shore along the existing railway
  • Increasing public transit efficiency through GPS tracking so that passengers can plan rides according to real-time bus locations
  • Adding dedicated bus lanes on key routes during rush hour to bypass congestion
  • Exploring pre-pay options for transit fares so as to increase efficiency of entering the bus and preventing delayed departure
  • Opening Government Street for pedestrian only access and adding buskers, parklets, greenspace, pop up shops, and family activities